LoveNature is a iFdesign company’s brand, which was created for the love of flavors and colors. The mission of the brand is to promote healthy lifestyle. We make inspiring flavor compositions of loose functional teas: herbal, green with flowers, floral, fruit, as well as herbs and spices – just for you!

For sixteen years we have been keeping a family farm – wild rose plantation, which flakes and fruit enrich LoveNature tea (certificates below). With century-old orchard, inherited from grandparents, every year we collect fruits for drying. Other stocks we acquire from reliable suppliers, who purchase it from forests, meadows, etc., and crops. Or region is called “Green Lungs of Europe” and it is located nearby the Bialowieza Forest and the Natura2000 area. Stock packaging is carried out in accordance with the obligatory European standards, in the manufactory positioned clos to the plantation, in cooperation with reliable subcontractors.
Our strategy is to produce the highest quality premium stocks, including hand-selected green tea leaves, while retaining a reasonable prices.

LoveNature products we compose with a passion for life among nature and in harmony with nature.
Nature is an art in itself, so the trick is to pack it in a suitable design.

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